Achievements are a feature in Tank Trouble & Tank Trouble Beta that reward the player for completing a certain task, they are represented by the image of a trophy. You can access your achievements in the Garage and under your tank. In Tank Trouble Beta you can access them by clicking on your tank.

Achievements in Tank Trouble Edit

Hallowed Be Thy NameCome around for halloween and pick up new swag!

Put Her Down - Kill Laika 10 times in a row without dying!

Apprentice of Destruction - Destroy 100 tanks!

Of Mice and Men - Get 100 victories using the mouse!

Do You Feel Lucky, Punk?Did she fire four or five bullets?

Never Saw It Coming - Zap Laika with a direct laser hit!

Suit Up! - Be suited for a crisis!

Old Dog - Hang around for more than a year!

Master of Destruction - Destroy 1000 tanks!

Lord of Destruction - Destroy 10000 tanks!

Advocate of Destruction - Get 10 friends to sign up using "Tell a Friend"! 

Doggy Bag Kill Laika twenty-five times in a row without dying! 

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall - Who's the fairest of them all?

Elite Hackers' Society - Prove your worth as a hacker and unlock all 16 secret backdoors!

Rewards Edit

Achievement Reward
Hallowed Be Thy Name Pumpkin
Put Her Down "No Pets Allowed" Flag
Apprentice of Destruction Red Bandana
Of Mice and Men Mouse Ears
Do You Feel Lucky, Punk? Red Hood
Never Saw It Coming Laika's Dog Tags
Suit Up! Gas Mask
Old Dog Skull and Crossbones
Master of Destruction Pirate Hat
Lord of Destruction Pirate Flag
Advocate of Destruction Aviator Sunglasses
Doggy Bag Golden Dog Bone
Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall Bowtie
Elite Hackers' Society None

Achievements in Tank Trouble BetaEdit

Lucky Shot - Destroy a tank with a bullet that has bounced at least 13 times

The Training Wheels are Off - Destroy 10 tanks

Stone Cold Killer - Destroy 100 tanks

Pacifist - Win 10 rounds without firing a shot

Hello World - Have your first forum post approved

Chatterbox Be an active contributor to the forum 

Rewards Edit

Achievement Reward
Lucky Shot Four Leaf Clover
The Training Wheels are Off Bang! Flag
Stone Cold Killer Aviator Sunglasses
Pacifist Peace Sign Flag
Hello World Speech Bubble
Chatterbox Megaphone

Notes Edit

  • The achievements in Tank Trouble Beta are for Beta testing only and will be reset.
  • Completing the "Elite Hackers' Society" achievement will not give the player any reward, but the player will still gain items while completing it.
  • The achievements that require the player to destroy Laika's tank are impossible, due to a bug where Laika's tank will spawn facing the player, killing them instantly.
    • However, the player can create a 4x4 room, with a 2x2 square in the middle and place spawn points in a corner to get them easily. While using the mouse, all the player needs is quick reflexes and time.