Often called "America's hope," United States tank-lete John Turlington, username Morpheous Dragon Slayer, holds a special place in tank trouble history. One of only 5 players to train with the famed Coach Libya, Slayer and his American comrade The Libyan Legend were the first American players to have successful carears in the capital city, MDS possesses strong victories over dominant Libyan players such as BurnURBooty, ZanderCopter, DanishMouseTrap, and Lego-your-ego. According to recovered records, he doubtlessly won Pound 5, Salmon City 3, Avalanche, Ranchers Key-fob, placed 3rd at the 2005 Championship, and 2nd the following year. Shockingly, MDS has held his own in one legendary set against the infamous Karkoorah (losing only 76 to 100, 3 sets to 1). This success has given countless Western players hope for the future and has proven that the so called "Libyan Dream" can apply to anyone.

Background Edit

After his dear friend the Libyan Legend introduced MDS to the sport, the duo became training partners and began to compete in various tournaments around the States (of America). Their youthful talent and effort coupled with the sincere lack of competent players in the U.S. allowed the team to quickly surge to levels of national dominance.

At the time, most Libyans were completely enveloped in their country's competition, and the impressive victories of the American athletes failed to make a impact on the golden coast. That was except for one eccentric man known as Coach Libya, who at the time, was hadly the famed hero he is today. Coach noticed the duo's talent, and offered to train them out in Libya.