I've been thinking about one often asked question on TankTrouble, if online is released, or not. Here, I will deliver the details about online to ensure you the information you may need. Firstly, no, it's not free for everyone yet. There still needs to be many more improvements before it's ready for public release. However, we do have a Beta version which is accessable by purchasing online for $5 in the latecomer shop, which you may be asking is the T-Shirt icon. Doing so in purchasing, you will get exclusive features given to the people who pay for online rather than the people who have not. It's very cheap and will support TankTrouble by a huge and great amount and the money may be used towards online and towards TankTrouble. That's all for now, and I will be more than happy to give you all some more recent news about online if I recall any or if any news have been given.